Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apache County Fair

I went up to the fair in St. Johns without Josh, his days off are Tue night and Wed night so it didn't work out to where he could go. We went to the fair with Ashley and Ava. I'm not so sure Ava likes Harlyn but Harlyn sure loves Ava haha.

Harlyn started getting some little red spots on her..I didn't know if it was because I let her hold that nasty fence to look at the sheep and her skin got irritated, but the spots just kept coming. I woke up the next morning and she was COVERED in them. I of course panicked not knowing what the crap was going on so I called the Dr. in Mesa and set up an app the next day. My mom drove us down and as soon as the doc walked in he said it was a carrot rash. It made me feel better that he knew exactly what it was and def felt better knowing it wasn't something serious. It never bothered her at all so that was good.

about 10 updates in one!

Holy moly. If I could make the time slow down just a little bit I would. My baby thinks she needs to be big. I'm pretty sure it's because she sees Tillman, who she loves, get up and walk away and she just wants to get up and follow him. She is scooting all over the place, has been for about a week. She would probably live in her jumperoo if she could. She jumps so hard in it, it's the cutest thing. She grunts and gowls all the time. She loves to grab your face and squeeze and pinch it as hard as she can. Still not a snuggler, and I don't expect her to wake up one day and be one ha. sad. She LOVES baby einsteins. She used to hate being in the car so so bad but now she's fine. She loves baby food and her puff snacks. When we go shopping and she sits in the cart you can tell she feels like she's on top of the world haha. She just sits straight up. She's still a very happy baby pretty much all the time. she is a mommas girl to the max. Lately she yells when I am not in her sight. Doesn't sleep through the night like she should!! She wakes up once or twice.

Has the big most blue eyes that are adorable. I could go on and on.

 She got a hair cut..only because she just had one chunk of really long hair right on top, no where else. It looked goofy.

 In church or other places like that she is loud when she should be quiet, and quiet when there's noise.

We went up to Hawley Lake and stayed for a few days like we do every year with Joshs family. Harlyn did great, I should have taken her jumper but spaced!

We also met Bristol, Willow, and Sarah Palin. They are down to earth and really nice.

We took her to her first d backs game and sat in the Gonzo Suite so she got a little nap in there and was great the rest of the night!

She has the best balance. Josh has been doing this for months now. She will just grin and look around like look at me! haha. It's so cute.
The other night I had just givin harlyn a bath and put her jammies on. I got on facebook and saw a post from Chris saying who wants to go bowling. So Josh and I threw on some clothes (changed from our jammies) and met them there. We bowled till about midnight and those little babies just watched baby einstein and watched us. Theyre so good!

Every weekend they have football games across the street from our house and Harlyn looooves to be outside so we take her over there. Such nice weather!
She thought it was so funny to hold on to Brodys neck and have him take her for rides. Those boys are so good with her! They love her.

My good friend Brandis got married so I went up there for that. Seriously, how cute can Harlyn be?! The second pic is us our Freshman year. Little girls.
This was on Sunday, she is so fun to dress up!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

4 months!

My little monkey is 4 months old! I can't believe it. I would really like time to stop because she's growing too fast but at the same time I love to see her learn new things every day. Things she does and loves
Playing with her feet whenever she's on her back
Still loves the bath, I usually refill the water about 3 times because it gets cold haha
Doesn't mind her carseat until she hears it click into her base then she HATES it
When she gets fussy, which is hardly ever, loves for her daddy to hold her like a football and pat her bum like a spankin haha so weird...puts her right to sleep.
She tried rice cereal for fun..didn't know how to eat it really haha but she would grab my hand and shove it in her face.
She has been getting a lot of sweets, cupcakes, cake, bahama bucks, a sucker...
I'm pretty sure that if she realizes I am not around she starts yelling...it's happened two nights in a row now.
If she is crying there is no talking her out of it...mostly in the car ha
Pulls your hair every chance she gets
If your face is above hers she loves to study it, touching and grabbing all over
Smiles at herself in the mirror...she thinks that girl is sooo cute! :)
Loves to stand up
Arches her back when you unclick her carseat straps, can't wait to get out! haha
If my phone is close enough to her she will grab at it
Loves her teddy bear, so cute
She is the happiest baby ever. I dont even know what I did in life without her! Mom and dad love you boo!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Celebrating our independence from Great Britian!

I love small town traditions and love the cooler weather even more. With that said, I wanted to get away and go up to the mountains for the 4th. Josh just so happened to have off that wed and thur so it worked perfectly! Tuesday was a pretty long day for me. I'm sure for him too! I stayed up waaay too late on Mon night talking politics on facebook. I am my mothers child. I finally went to bed prob around 2 or 2:30, woke up at 4 to feed Harlyn and had my alarm set for 6. I jumped in the shower, got myself ready and started making breakfast. Biscuits, sausage gravy, and some serious eggs with chilis, bell peppers, ham and other yumminess. Nothing special. Josh prob gets sick of it but I looove it! Anyway, My aunt got here about 7:45 to ride up with us. We all ate and hit the road. Got to Show Low and stopped off at my moms office, met a few people there and went to Lacanos for lunch. I've def had better. My aunt and uncle have a place in Nutrioso and he had a meeting at Lacanos that day and my aunt went from there with him up to Nutri. Wed morning we woke up for a mile run at 7am. My awesome husband came in 3rd out of the guys...I walked with the stroller most of the way. (jogged some but my girls can't be contained-even with a nice sports bra I bought) we rushed home to shower and hit the road to Round Valley and left by 9 to get to the parade before 10. That was fun. We went to eat at Trailriders, went to some antique shops, got ice cream and went to the rodeo. It was raining cats at dogs. AFter that we drove up to Nutri and hung out there for awhile and got back to SJ around 7ish. Harlyn did sooo good! She's such a good baby. A lot of firsts for her. First parade, first rodeo, first snowcone...haha
 Harlyn with my cousins dog Nauny
 Harlyn on the saddle!
 First parade
 First rodeo
This little lady is always so busy with her arms and hands. I laid her down and those things were going crazy haha so I put this bear on her chest and went in there maybe 5 min later and she had falled asleep like this. I about died how cute it was.

 twin expression!

 this is soo old but I cracked up when I saw all these old videos and pictures!
This one is hilarious because the boys are just hanging out in my room playing with the camera and I'm in the back checkin myself out. haha what a loser!

Monday, June 25, 2012

3 months!

My baby will be 3 months in two days. Already? She is so grown up and her personality is really showing. She's such a doll. When she wakes up in the mornings she is sooo happy. She will lay there and talk for at least 15 minutes. Sometimes she wakes up at 9 or sometimes sleeps till 11. Crazy baby. She loves her toys. I put them on her chest and she grabs them and pulls them right up to her mouth. Her favorite is a little monkey. She is the biggest drooler. She thinks it's so funny when you try and scare her. She thinks Brody is hilarious. It's so cute! she smiles at Tillman just as much. She looooves the bath. Kicks non stop. When Josh was down in Tucson I would put the phone on speaker and he would talk to her and she would open her eyes sooo big and look around lke umm where is my dad. I will have to get a picture of that.

I took her toy from her and she threw the biggest fit. Love that little face.
 Brody was watching Power Rangers and started doing this to Harlyn and she thought he was so funny!
Bath time!